Frank Orlowski
Frank Orlowski

Job Title / Jabatan : President Director

Company / Institution : DE-CIX Indonesia

Biography / Riwayat Hidup :
Frank first joined DE-CIX in 2006. Today he serves as Executive Vice President, Corporate Development for DE-CIX International and as President Director for PT DE-CIX Indonesia.
He is a creative hands-on executive with 25 years Internet background. Expert in IP interconnection "Peering" and in managing global telecommunication relationships. 
He is the developer of DE-CIX' game changing Internet Exchanges in New York and Mumbai.

Presentation Title / Judul Presentasi /Talk Show:
DE-CIX ASEAN – serving Indonesia with pan-regional Peering

Presentation Synopsis / Ringkasan Presentasi/Talk Show :
This presentation covers the ongoing transformation for Internet Content Delivery in the ASEAN region. Ever since the Internet has been made available to users in the region they have been served with Content from the Internet MegaHubs Hong Kong and Singapore. 

The fact that Hong Kong is no longer a Top Choice for int’l investments and Singapore being out of Space and Power has sparked major Data Canter developments across the region with Jakarta set to be one of the Centers of future growth. This will enable international OTT’s and Content Providers to deploy their infrastructure in Jakarta.

DE-CIX is supporting this ongoing transformation by operating it’s award winning Apollon Exchange platform both for local and distributed Peering as well as for Cloud Services.