Nicholas Kraal
Nicholas Kraal

Job Title/Jabatan:  Director, Business Development, Equinix Asia Pacific

Biography/Riwayat Hidup:
Nicholas is the Business Development Director for Equinix where he leads the Interconnection Go-To-Market team for the APAC region. With over 25 years of experience in telecommunications in Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Middle East, together with his team they develop, recommend, and implement interconnection growth plans to drive the expansion of a highly interconnected and differentiated customer ecosystem for Platform Equinix across the region.

Presentation Title/Judul Presentasi: 
Equinix: New Frontiers, New Horizons.

Presentation Synopsis/Ringkasan Presentasi:
Equinix's interconnection strategy focuses on creating highly interconnected data centers that facilitate seamless, direct, and secure data exchange between enterprises, service providers, and partners. This is a brief introduction to this interconnection ecosystem so that local service providers can participate in enabling global businesses to efficiently connect to their Indonesian digital platforms.