Aditya Kaul
Aditya Kaul

Job Title / Jabatan : Principal Solution Architech Juniper Networks APAC

Biography / Riwayat Hidup : 
Aditya is a technology evangelist, innovator and a seasoned telecommunications specialist with background in Planning, Design, Implementation and Operations of NexGen IP Architectures. 
Aditya holds in depth understanding of Services Business and has been a key contributor in Planning and Designing Future State Architectures. Aditya is working at Juniper Networks as Principal Solution Architect for APAC region.

Presentation Title / Judul Presentasi :
Title: SRv6: Deployment & Usecases

Presentation Synopsis / Ringkasan Presentasi :
Title: SRv6: Deployment & Usecases
Synopsis: In the recent years there has been a lot of industry interest and hype around Segment Routing for IPv6 (SRv6). In this session, Aditya will discuss the latest developments in the industry and adoption of SRv6 Compression.
The session will cover the following topics:

  • SRv6: Industry outlook - Quick Update
  • SRv6: Deployment & Usecase
  • SRv6: XL Axiata Case Study