Ben Miall
Ben Miall

Job Title / Jabatan :
Director of Sales Oceania – Grandstream Networks

Biography / Riwayat Hidup :  
Ben Miall is the Director of Sales, Oceania for Grandstream Networks and has been with the company for over 6 years. During his tenure at Grandstream, Ben has played a pivotal role in growing the Grandstream Brand in Australia, New Zealand, and other surrounding countries and has also recently taken up added responsibilities by managing various other countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, and Thailand all of which have seen immense growth since he has taken over. Ben utilizes his vast experience in various areas of Information Technology such as Wi-Fi, VoIP & Telephony, ITSPs, Telco providers, etc. to grow Grandstream in all his regions and maintain excellent relationships with all our distribution partners. In addition to being proficient with ongoing trends in the industry and being a strong Sales Director for his region, he is also an outstanding speaker and presenter and has done numerous presentations around Asia highlighting Grandstream's solutions and clearly explaining how these can be deployed in a multitude of scenarios.

Presentation Title / Judul Presentasi : Grandstream’s GWN Solutions – Trends, Products, Deployments

Presentation Synopsis / Ringkasan Presentasi : 
Grandstream's Networking Portfolio has grown dramatically over the last 7 years. Grandstream started with 1 Access Point back in 2016 and now has a diverse portfolio of over 30 products including Indoor Access Points, Outdoor Access Points, Wireless Routers, Wired Routers, Network Switches, and Network Management Platforms. This presentation dives into our Networking portfolio highlighting key features of all our products and how these product can be deployed in various scenarios. In addition to that, the presentation also covers who Grandstream is as a company and the various market trends and opportunities internally as a company, and the worldwide networking industry as a whole. The presentation will also cover a few case studies which talk about how our products were deployed in real-life scenarios. The last section of our presentation will cover the upcoming networking products that are scheduled to be released over the course of the year.