Job Title / Jabatan :
Senior Internet Resources Analyst of APNIC

Biography / Riwayat Hidup : 
IT industry's background as a Senior Network Engineer and System Administrator working at various ISPs, Mobile Operator and Enterprise companies.
Currently, serving the APNIC members and internet community in the Asia Pacific region and across the globe for the last fifteen years.

Presentation Title / Judul Presentasi :
Quick UDP Internet Connection (QUIC)

Presentation Synopsis / Ringkasan Presentasi :
Quick UDP Internet Connection (QUIC) is a network protocol initially developed and deployed by Google in 2012, released in August 2013; and standardized in the IETF (RFC 9000) in 2021. 
QUIC is an attempt to refine the basic operation of the IP’s TCP, not by fundamentally changing the flow control procedures and stream management, but by changing where the transport function is implemented within the end host and, consequently, who has change control over this function.